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Anusone Paige Zanubon is the former CEO/Founder of Slim 5, LLC, a popular natural herbal dietary supplement company that helped tens of thousands of satisfied customers to lose weight naturally.
Growing up in the countryside of Luang Prabang, Laos, she remembers playing in the spectacular countryside of rice fields, striking mountain ranges, and dense tropical jungle. Where she is used to the life necessities of being pure and organic.
“I’m one with nature,” she says.  “I love being bare and natural, it is the essential of true beauty. I hate putting on make- up, I’m the worst at it,” she says with a smile. "That is why I created Vasva True Skin, Inc to help people feel beautiful when baring their skin and to be confident without putting on any make-up. The world is a natural beauty and my mission to help people to become one with nature and to "Be Bear Naturally Beautiful.”



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