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Every single bar of Vasva True Skin Luxury Soap Bar is made by hand in small batches.  We have done extensive research to set the highest standard in soap making in order to set us apart from the norm. In the soap making process, most soap maker only think about the ingredients they used, but we at Vasva True Skin, Inc., take it a step further in our soap making process.  What set us apart from the norm is that we extensively search all around the world to find the highest quality natural ingredients. As a result, our formulated ingredient does more than clean your skin, it revives it!  With no fragrances, dyes or other harsh ingredients, our soap has been "Clinically Tested" by an FDA Registered Facility to be safe for all skin types and can be gentle enough for sensitive skin. It is very versatile and can be used for the face and body.  Once you have used our soap, be prepared to "Be Bare and Naturally Beautiful™".

Clinically Tested and Dermatologist Reviewed by an

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